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Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter AXF002C-D

description:The AXF series of magnetic flowmeters has beendeveloped based on Yokogawa’s decades longexperience in magnetic flowmeters. The AXF seriescontinues the tradition of high quality and reliability thathas become synonymous with the Yok...
Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter

The AXF series of magnetic flowmeters has been
developed based on Yokogawa’s decades long
experience in magnetic flowmeters. The AXF series
continues the tradition of high quality and reliability that
has become synonymous with the Yokogawa name and
in addition features an even higher level of performance
and increased functionality.

Product Details
Place of origin:Japan
Brand Name:Yokogawa
Product Description
The ADMAG AXF is the magnetic flow meter which has adopted the proven Dual Frequency Excitation. Moreover, the Enhanced Dual Frequency Excitation has been newly added to tackle more severe applications.
 User-oriented Functionality
Fluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis

By constantly monitoring the level of insulating
substance on the electrodes, it is possible to determine
when maintenance is required.
With the utilization of an optional replaceable electrode,
the electrodes can be easily removed from the flowmeter
and cleaned.

Flexible Electrical Connection Direction
The converter or the terminal box can be rotated
arbitrarily to change the directions of electrical
connection on the site.

Clear and Versatile Indications
The LCD indicator employs a large, backlit full dotmatrix,
that can facilitate various displays.
One to three lines are available. When there is an alarm
condition, a full description of the countermeasure is

“Easy Setup” Parameters “”
The most frequently used parameters are arranged in a
group at the top.
The infra-red switches enable the users to set
parameters without opening the cover.
Ordering Examples:
Ordering Examples:
AXF002C-D-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF002C-E-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF002C-F-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-E-1-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF065G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF065G-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging details:in carton or according to custom's service
Delivery Time:8-10 weeks
Why choose us?
1. 100% original yokogawa product, 100% quality assurance. 
If you find a fake yokogawa. Please contact us without hesitation! We afford the shipment cost! We send you a new product asking zero cent!
2. Varied payment methods.We adopt  L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, and other methods. 
3.all the goods we promise at least 1 year warranty!
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