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Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter AXF065G-E

description:The AXF series of magnetic flowmeters has beendeveloped based on Yokogawa’s decades longexperience in magnetic flowmeters. The AXF seriescontinues the tradition of high quality and reliability thathas become synonymous with the Yok...
Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter 
Product Details
Place of origin:Japan
Brand Name:Yokogawa
Product Description
The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in the two-wire system without any AC power source, thus drastically reducing the initial instrumentation cost. The ADMAG AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter which employs the fluid noise free "Dual Frequency Excitation Method," achieving excellent stability for instrumentation. Like the AXF four-wire magnetic flow meter series, the ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD indicator, electrode adhesion level diagnosis function, and a multi-lingual display. The magnet switches can be used for checking and setting parameters without opening the case cover.
High Performance and Excellent

Dual Frequency Excitation Method
The “Dual Frequency Excitation Method” combines
two strengths: stability in flow measurement due to
low frequency excitation and high noise resistance
due to high frequency excitation. Therefore, the
method is strong against fluctuations of fluid condition
and is ideal for stable measurement.

High Accuracy
The ADMAG AXR performs 0.5% of rate under normal
flowrate conditions.
Electric Noise Resistance
The ADMAG AXR offers electric noise resistance
compared with the four-wire magnetic flowmeter.

High Reliability
The ADMAG AXR complies with SIL2 for safety
requirement. The ADMAG AXR has SIL2 capability
for single flowmeter use and SIL3 capability for dual
flowmeter use.

l Reducing the Instrumentation Cost
Reducing the Wiring Cost
The two-wire system reduces the wiring cost drastically.
Direct Connection with the DCS
AC power sources are not necessary. The ADMAG

AXR can be connected with almost all distributors,
signal conditioner cards, and input modules.
Energy Saving
Compared with four-wire magnetic flowmeters, the
ADMAG AXR can drastically decrease power consumption
Ordering Examples:
AXF002C-D-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF002C-E-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF002C-F-1-A-E-1-N-AA1-1-2-1-B AXF125C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF015G-E-1-A-L-1-N-AA1-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF065G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF065G-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF065G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF080G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF065C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF080G-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF065C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF080G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF125C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF100G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF125C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF100G-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF125C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF100G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF125G-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF125G-E-2-A-W-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF100C-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
AXF125G-D-1-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B/CH AXF080C-D-2-A-L-1-N-AA2-1-0-1-B-/FF1-/G12/CH
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging details:in carton or according to custom's service
Delivery Time:8-10 weeks
Why choose us?
1. 100% original yokogawa product, 100% quality assurance. 
If you find a fake yokogawa. Please contact us without hesitation! We afford the shipment cost! We send you a new product asking zero cent!
2. Varied payment methods.We adopt  L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, and other methods. 
3.all the goods we promise at least 1 year warranty!
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