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Yokogawa AXG050 ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flowmeters

description:The ADMAG Total Insight(TI) series ADMAG AXG adopts the "Total Insight" concept and totally support the product life cycle....
Yokogawa AXG050 ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flowmeters 

The ADMAG Total Insight(TI) series ADMAG AXG adopts the "Total Insight" concept and totally support the product life cycle.
The ADMAG Total Insight series AXG electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-quality and highly reliable product developed based on years of experience and achievement, such as enhancement of application by our proprietary dual frequency excitation method.
The AXG  is ideal for industrial process lines like oil & gas/chemical/pulp & paper/food & beverage/metal & mining applications. With outstanding reliability and ease of operation and maintenance, developed on decades of field-proven experience, the AXG will increase your benefits while reducing total cost of ownership.

  Remote Type Integral Type
AXG1A High Grade Transmitter AXG4A Transmitter AXG Integral Type
AXG1A TransmitterAXG150_RF_PFA-No_Rings_01 AXG4A Transmitter  AXG150_RF_PFA-No_Rings_01 AXG4A Transmitter
(Reading Value)
[Sensor Combination]
- AXG: ± 0.3 %
- AXW: ± 0.35 %
[Sensor Combination]
- AXG: ± 0.3 %
 ± 0.3 %
Size [Sensor Combination]
- AXG: 2.5 to 500 mm
- AXW: 25 to 1800 mm
[Sensor Combination]
- AXG: 2.5 to 400 mm
 2.5 to 400 mm
Use [Transmitter]
- General Purpose
[Sensor Combination]
- General Purpose
- Explosion Protection
- Hygienic
- Submersible
- General Purpose
- Explosion Protection
[Sensor Combination]
- General Purpose
- Explosion Protection
- Hygienic
- Submersible
 General Purpose
 Explosion Protection
Explosion Protection Use [Sensor Combination]
- AXG: IECEx, ATEX, Japan, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO)
- AXW: IECEx, ATEX, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO)
* Transmitter is usable only in the safety area.
IECEx, ATEX, Japan, Korea, Brazil (INMETRO)
Liner Material [Sensor Combination]
- AXG: Ceramics, PFA
- AXW: PTFE, Polyurethane, Natural Soft Rubber, Natural Hard Rubber
Ceramics, PFA
Communication Protocols HART 7, BRAIN HART 7, BRAIN, Modbus
Signal Cable Length 200 m 100 m
Main Function - Easy Setup Wizard, Trend Graph Display Function
- Data Logging Function (with microSD card)
- Parameter Backup / Restore / Duplication Function (with microSD card)
- Zero Adjustment
- Display Test Function
- Input/Output Test Function
Diagnostic Function [Application Diagnostics]
- Electrode Adhesion Detection
- Sensor Empty Check
- Wiring Connection Diagnosis
- Flow Noise Diagnosis
- Low Conductivity Diagnosis
- Electrode Insulation Deterioration Diagnosis
[Verification Function]
- Built-in Verification
- Standard Verification (with FSA130 ADMAG TI Verification Tool)
- Enhanced Verification (with FSA130 ADMAG TI Verification Tool)
Current Signal Input: 1 ch (Active)
Output: 2 ch (Active)
Input: 1 ch (Active)
Output: 2 ch (Active / Passive)
Pulse/Status Signal Output: 2 ch (Active [With / Without Internal Resister] / Passive)
Status Signal Input: 2 ch (Dry Contact)
Output: 2 ch (Passive)
Input: 1 ch (Dry Contact)
Output: 1 ch (Passive)
Alarm Signal Output: 1 ch (Passive)
Multiple Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.
SIL Certification SIL1
Others [AXG1A/AXG4A Transmitter, AXG Integral Type]
- LCD with improved environmental resistance
- Equipped with temperature input terminal for Density correction and Calolie calculation

[AXG Flow sensor、AXG Integral Type]
- Expand Lining flare diameter, improve Seal reliability
- Compatible with high pressure specifications ASME Class 600
- Selectable built-in grounding electrodes

Main Application Example

The product is ideal for industrial processes such as petrochemicals, chemicals, pulp and paper, food and beverages, metals and mining. A lining material with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and permeation resistance is available to provide high precision and stable flow measurement.

Industries Typical Line and Process Typical Fluid
Chemical - Polymerization process - Strong acid fluid
- Strong alkaline fluid
- Permeable fluid
Pulp & Paper - Digester Circulation and Extraction Line
- Blow Line
- Bleach line
- Black liquor
- White liquor
- Pulp slurry
Food & Beverage - Raw material blending process - Retort food
- Cream
- CIP cleaning solution
Power - LNG vaporizer - Various cooling water
Iron & Steel - Blast furnace tuyere - Electric furnace dust collection water
AXG002 Magnetic Flowmeter (2.5 mm/0.1 in)
AXG005 Magnetic Flowmeter (5 mm/0.2 in)
AXG010 Magnetic Flowmeter (10 mm/0.4 in)
AXG015 Magnetic Flowmeter (15 mm/0.5 in)
AXG025 Magnetic Flowmeter (25 mm/1 in)
AXG032 Magnetic Flowmeter (32 mm/1.25 in)
AXG040 Magnetic Flowmeter (40 mm/1.5 in)
AXG050 Magnetic Flowmeter (50 mm/2 in)
AXG065 Magnetic Flowmeter (65 mm/2.5 in)
AXG080 Magnetic Flowmeter (80 mm/3 in)
AXG100 Magnetic Flowmeter (100 mm/4 in)
AXG125 Magnetic Flowmeter (125 mm/5 in)
AXG150 Magnetic Flowmeter (150 mm/6 in)
AXG200 Magnetic Flowmeter (200 mm/8 in)
AXG250 Magnetic Flowmeter (250 mm/10 in)
AXG300 Magnetic Flowmeter (300 mm/12 in)
AXG350 Magnetic Flowmeter (350 mm/14 in)
AXG400 Magnetic Flowmeter (400 mm/16 in)
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