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Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flowmeter 3051CFADL060DCHPS2T10003

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Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flowmeter 3051CFADL060DCHPS2T100032AA1

An industry-leading flow measurement solution, the Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flow Meter is customized with a patented T-shaped, averaging pitot tube that features reliable accuracy over a wide flow range. This patented sensor design maintains a small profile in the pipe for reduced permanent pressure loss and is capable of flow and pressure measurements via a single pipe penetration. This flow meter is also leak-tested and calibrated to reduce leak points for increased process control.
Warranty Up to 5-year limited warranty
Rangedown Up to 150:1 (8:1 flow turndown)
Measurement Range Up to 1000 inH2O (2,48 bar) differential Line Size 2 to 96 in. (50 to 2440 mm)
Output Differential pressure, scaled variable
Communication Protocol 4-20 mA HART®, WirelessHART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, PROFIBUS®, 1-5 V Low Power HART®
Process Wetted Material 316L SST, Alloy C-276
Diagnostics Power Advisory Diagnostics, basic diagnostics
Certifications/Approvals SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 by an independent 3rd party, NACE®, hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications
  • Patented T-shape Annubar creates a fixed separation point for DP signal improvement over a wider flow rate
  • Complete flow assemblies are leak-tested and calibrated to reduce leak points up to 70% and simplify installation
  • 10-year stability and 8:1 flow turndown (150:1 rangedown) produce reliable measurements and application flexibility
  • Sensor stagnation zone positioned to reduce noise, measurement inaccuracies and keeps particulates from clogging
  • Local operator interface offers easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons for streamlined commissioning
  • Power advisory diagnostics detect electrical loop integrity issues for reduced downtime
  • SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 (via 3rd party) and prior-use certificate of FMEDA data for safety installations
The Rosemount 3051CFA Annubar Flowmeter utilizes the T-shaped sensor design that delivers best in class accuracy and performance while meeting the needs of diverse
process applications, whether it is high accuracy for precision control or high strength for severe flow applications. Main capabilities include:
  • Up to 1.8 percent of flow rate accuracy
  • Available in 2-to 96-in. (50 to 2400 mm) line
  • Fully assembled and leak tested for out-of-the-box installation
  • Power advisory can proactively detect degraded electrical loop integrity issues (option code DA0)
  • LOI with straightforward menus and built-in configuration buttons (option code M4)

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