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Fluke 61 IR Thermometer Non Contact Handheld Thermometer

description:Fluke 61 mini IR thermometer gives accurate readings over temperatures ranging from -40°C to 760°C with the enhanced optics for measurements in hard-to-reach and dangerous situations....

Fluke 61 IR Thermometer  -40C to 760C Non Contact Handheld Infrared Digital Thermometer





Fluke knows temperature, with more than two decades of thermometry experience. Today, we offer the latest in non-contact IR temperature test tools, probes, accessories, and application expertise for a complete range of applications. And Fluke backs its tools with the industry’s best warranty and highest rated customer service.


Reach for a rugged Fluke 61 IR Thermometer for jobs requiring temperature measurement in hard-to-reach, hot, rotating, or dangerous situations. Get accurate readings over a broad range of temperatures -40°C to 760°C (-40 °F to 1400 °F). Plus, the enhanced optics allow you to measure smaller objects further away. All with a comfortable and easy to use handheld device.




This handheld portable tool enables professionals to monitor the status of electrical motors and electrical panels, research heating and ventilation problems and diagnose car malfunctions with ease.

Bright laser beam provides easy targeting
Display clearly supplies data at a glance
Shock-absorbing holster increases ruggedness
0.2°C (0. 5°F) resolution up to 275°C (525°F)
Backlight illuminates the screen in the dark
Automatic sleep mode after 7 seconds extends battery life
Alkaline batteries provide 4000 typical measurements



Backlit display for use in poorly lit areas Yes
Holds temperature readings Yes
Range -18 to 275°C (-0 to 525°F)
Datalogging N/A
Distance to spot ratio 8:1
Hi-Lo alarm N/A
Optional RTD probe (contact temperature measurement) N/A
Emissivity Fixed at 0.95
Measurement Accuracy
-18°C (0°F) to -1°C (30°F) ±3°C (5°F)
above -1°C (30°F) to 275°C (525°F) ±2% of reading or 2°C (3.5°F)
  (With the instrument stable between 23-25°C)



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